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Welcome to Innova Steuerberatungs GmbH, your experts in tax consulting in Germany. Our team specializes in supporting foreign companies and individuals with their tax matters in Germany. Whether it’s about setting up a GmbH, VAT issues, or international inheritance tax matters, we’re here with the expertise and experience to assist you.

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Setting up a GmbH in Germany opens up diverse business opportunities. We provide comprehensive advice on the tax obligations, including corporate and trade tax, and the requirements for registering your GmbH with the tax office.

Our team supports you in proper accounting and bookkeeping for your company according to German and international standards. We ensure that your annual financial statements comply with legal requirements and your financial reporting is transparent and reliable.

VAT is a central challenge in the German tax system. We assist you in navigating VAT law, from registration to handling monthly or quarterly VAT advance returns.

Foreign incomes can be taxable in Germany. We offer individual advice to ensure that you submit all required income tax returns correctly and take advantage of possible tax benefits.

We advise you on all aspects of inheritance and gift tax in Germany, especially in cross-border situations. Our goal is to minimize tax burdens and avoid double taxation.

Avoiding double taxation is a key concern for internationally active individuals and companies. We help you fully leverage the benefits of double taxation agreements between Germany and your home country.

As a foreign taxpayer in Germany, you may have certain tax obligations. We support you in preparing and submitting your tax declarations to ensure compliance and avoid penalties.

International trade brings complex VAT questions. Whether importing or exporting, services or goods traffic – we ensure your transactions comply with VAT regulations.

Benefit from our expertise in tax-efficient investment planning in Germany. We develop strategies to minimize your tax burden and maximize your investment returns.

We develop strategies to minimize your tax burden and maximize your investment returns. For expatriates and international employees in Germany, we offer advice on payroll tax and social security issues. We help you meet legal requirements and optimize your tax situation.


A GmbH is subject to corporate tax, trade tax, and possibly VAT. The taxation depends on various factors, such as the company’s location and type of business activity.

In Germany, companies must do their accounting according to HGB or IFRS. This includes proper bookkeeping, annual financial statements, and possibly disclosing balance sheets.

Companies need to register with the tax office for VAT. This involves the regular submission of VAT advance returns and annual declarations.

This depends on your tax residence and the source of your income. Individuals with residence or habitual abode in Germany are subject to unlimited income tax liability.

Germany imposes inheritance tax on the worldwide estate of residents. There are allowances and possibly credits under a DTA.

DTAs between Germany and other countries are designed to avoid double taxation. They determine in which country different types of income are taxed and can significantly influence the tax liabilities of foreigners living in Germany.

Foreigners who are taxable in Germany may need to file an annual tax return under certain conditions. This includes details of worldwide income, claims on double taxation agreements, and other relevant tax information.

VAT regulations for international transactions are complex. Imports into the EU can be subject to VAT, while exports are often VAT-free. Services may be subject to different regulations, depending on the type of service and the place of performance.

Investments in Germany can have various tax consequences, including income, corporate, trade, and VAT. Tax structuring and taking advantage of tax incentives are important aspects to consider.

Foreign employees in Germany are subject to payroll tax and must contribute to social security. There are special regulations for posted workers and expatriates, including the application of social security agreements and tax exemptions.

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